This interdisciplinary workshop aims to present some recent theoretical and experimental developments in quasicrystals and in random systems.  It will present the state of the art, and propose new directions for experiment and theory, with the objective of fostering collaborations between mathematical physics, and the physics of condensed matter, cold atoms and of soft matter.

Topics and speakers

  • Diffraction of complex structures
  • Electrons on tilings
  • Interactions and magnetism
  • Self assembly of soft particles
  • cold atom quasicrystals

Organising Committee

Marianne Impéror-Clerc, Anuradha Jagannathan, Jean-Marc Luck, Rémy Mosseri and Jean-François Sadoc

Invited Speakers

Eric Akkermans, Haifa
Eric de Andrade, Sao Paolo
Michael Baake Bielefeld
Marc de Boissieu, Grenoble
Jean-Noël Fuchs, Paris
Denis Gratias, Paris
Uwe Grimm, Milton-Keynes
Pavel Kalugin, Orsay
Ron Lifshitz, Tel Aviv
Rémy Mosseri, Paris
Yves Meyer, Cachan
Marek Mihalkovic
, Bratislava
Fabrice Mortessagne, Nice
Brigitte Pansu,  Orsay
Frédéric Piéchon, Orsay
Johannes Roth,Stuttgart
Jean-François Sadoc,  Orsay
Laurent Sanchez-Palencia, Orsay
Stefanie Thiem, Oxford
Patrizia Vignolo, Nice
Xiangbing Zeng, Sheffield
Primoz Ziherl,  Ljubljana









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